Z. Carter Berry – Research Assistant Professor

My goal is to understand how plant structure and function allow plants to persist in response to present and future climate. To do this, I:

(1) explore novel processes of plant function,

(2) understand plant strategies for managing acute stress (i.e. drought), and

(3) develop new tools for researchers to probe previously unanswered questions.

My story began traipsing through the forests of North Carolina. My work then took me to new places with fascinating forests and towering trees and new thoughts of “how do these things really work”? After conducting research and educating in many beautiful places, I have returned to North Carolina where the story began.

Curriculum Vitae

Google Scholar Page

Olivia Faris

Olivia is exploring how longleaf pine acclimates water-use strategies in response to long term drought. This work has implications for ecosystem response to climate change and how we manage endangered forests.

Major: Biology

Minors: Environmental Science & Anthropology

Charlotte Ramirez

Charlotte is developing new methods to determine how ecosystems move carbon and water under wet conditions. This method will lead to new predictions for how carbon and water move through tropical and temperate ecosystems.

Major: Environmental Science

Minors: Writing, Politics, and International Affairs & Art History

Mac Grosscup

Mac is evaluating the mechanisms to explain how species process diffuse light. Using a recently developed tool in the lab, he quantifies how each species processes diffuse light, leading to a reevaluation for strategies of plants to survive under future climate patterns.

Major: Biology

Minors: Environmental Science & Anthropology

Emily Kemp

Emily has been a jack of all trades, helping out with a variety of projects in the lab. In particular, she has enjoyed field work quantifying species level photosynthesis in response to diffuse light.

Major: Environment and Sustainability Studies

Minors: Middle East and South Asia Studies & Arabic

Will Nave

Will is designing our next generation integrating sphere that interfaces with our LiCor Portable Photosynthesis Machine. This work will allow us to better manipulate light environments for plant measurements

Major: Engineering

Haley Corbett

Haley is developing new models that predict the exchange of carbon and water through forest canopies

Major: Engineering, concentration in Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Lakyn Mathis

Lakyn is seeking new mechanisms that explain how light and flavonol production interact to drive stomatal opening.

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Chris Straub

Chris is working to better understanding carbon movement through tropical forests

Major: Biology

Minor: Neuroscience

Collin Cheung

Collin is continuing our work in how carbon moves through wet forests with a particular focus on how tropical species have different responses to temperate species

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry & Anthropology

Lab Alumni

Mechelle Jiang – WFU Biology 2022

Kate Taylor – HPU Biology 2022

Alec Garfield – HPU Biology 2022

Kendra Ellertson – Chapman Biology 2021

Natasha Lindert – Chapman Biology 2021