Inspiring students through a scientific approach

Imagine the unfettered excitement in a student’s voice explaining how your course altered their views or the lively buzz heard during debate of a complicated concept. I cherish these invaluable moments that alter student trajectories and provide a platform for new exploration. My goal is to create a learning environment that fosters these opportunities for all my students, regardless of background and experiences. I do this by approaching learning as a scientific endeavor using strategies supported by the pedagogical literature, routinely reassessing if learning outcomes are being met, and rigorously adapting my pedagogy to enhance student learning. Evidence-based practices point to three principles that I apply to my teaching: fostering an equitable and focused classroom environment, building foundational knowledge through reinforcement, and inspiring students through active learning and engagement.

Currently teaching:

Bio 105. Plants and People: Explores the numerous associations between plants and people, the fundamental importance of plant diversity to humans and their role in the sustainability of the biosphere.